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traveling at an extremely high speed."after 11 o'clock saturday iggt,william fffe, 21, dublin, md:"speeds were in excess of 120 miles per hour." a car arrying five young people sped north.dan mccready: "it's a ess."paul gessler:"as phe sound of the speedinggcarr faded, what happened next was complete chaos. the car hit a guard rail, sending it airborne, hitting not one, but two trees. as a neighbor down the valley told me off camera, it sounded like a omb went off."kelly wagner: "it's heartbreaking."this photo phows the aftermath from a distance.in an instant, three people died... two others were flown to shock trauma.williaa seen some accideets, pretty bad ones, but this one just dan mccreaddy"that's the ying. steering column, wheee you put your keys in to start the car." the ignition.williim fife, 21, dublin, md:"the car was just severed. it was severed in half. i've nnver seen anything like it."dan mccready:"it waa like something just fell out of the sky."the mazda3: was registered to tylerranderson. police believe tyler was driving.he, along with shawn ponton and alexzandr
of the problems this morning and heavy winds. dublin interchange big rig still there, all lanes blocked slow traffic connector ramp is how cars are getting around this accident cleanup crews on scene waiting to see what stage this is in take bart if you travel westbound 580 that is going to be a nasty drive many. north 101 railroad avenue cotati grade "sig alert". woodside "sig alert" due to downed power lines northbound 101 before whipple standing water accident on left lane eastbound 80 tennessee standing water accident left lane good news in san francisco earlier accident north 101 at third cleared still an accident north 280 at ocean avenue. one more, northbound 880 at 23rd with an accident, injuries involved in the right lane. >>> 5:21. >> starbucks is helping mark tomorrow's world aids day. how you can make a donation while enjoying your favorite drink. >> a police officer's generosity goes viral. hear why he plans to keep the receipt of a special gift he gave, forever. >> another live look at live doppler 7 hd showing rain in the bay area pervasive, mike just saying that walnut creek,
kitchen with some facilitating people in dublin, livermore and pleasanton feeding those in need for years. but a big problem we have had is no place to sort donations so today, voila, brand-new grand opening. linda, tell us about it. >> well, we have collaborated with the city of pleasanton, dublin and livermore and safeway to bring this all to a new storage facility for many, many nonprofits in our area. >> scott today a special day for the district. >> we have traditionally since 2007 needed this space and to come together with the cities and safeway, it's been a great experience. it shows what happens when the private sector and the public sector work together. >> what is the greatest need this year? because right down the street is the paragon mall. i saw the line-up for people just trying to spend money. tell me how great the need is for food this year. >> we're short over 400 turkeys and we're also short canned vegetables so it is very large this year. >> reporter: put a face on the need this year. >> we have families, local families, that are in need. they have lost their jobs or t
on the dublin grade past the scene of the accident. folks are taking their time. other "sig alert" in the cotati area 101 railroad avenue northbound pwhud slide blocking right lane -- mudslide blocking right lane this is near woodside highway 84 closed between grand view and highway 35, downed power line you cannot get through many millbrae area tree down on the freeway, chp en route to clear that out northbound 101 past millbrae avenue. >>> tens of thousands are without power in the bay area. more are watching potential flooding. the storm is unleashing heaviest rain and strongest winds. katie marzullo is live in the north bay. >> reporter: we are on miller avenue at camino alto near the safeway in mill valley, rain coming down hard at times at an angle many take a look at this massi tree that just snapped at the -- at this massive tree that just snapped at the roots. some cleanup efforts some of the branches are piled off to the side and the road is clear. we have seen a couple cast bars through obviously traffic is light at this hour. definitely showdown and take it easily through as they rea
, heading towards hop yard, dublin pleasanton towards livermore that whole area seeing some of the better radar returns out of the sunol towards milpitas, east brokaw, sierra, some of the better radar returns there. down 17 or 9 or 85, saratoga avenue towards meridian that's where the best radar returns are. in a bigger perspective, north bay starting to clear a little all of us will see the end of the steady rain by the end of the commute. at the coast partly sunny near 60 the rest of us mid to upper 60s with a stray shower possible this afternoon. steady rain now. >>> unfortunately, when we have slick roads like this solo spin-outs are the norm we have several now. live shout of south 101 tail lights past civic center up toward lincoln central san rafael flight through northern and southern marin westbound 580 past north livermore accident you can see red sensors in between, slowing past the scene there. north 880 ramp to montague san jose that ramp is blocked with an accident. new accident the rain through the san ramon tri-valley area north 680 at treat. >>> police trying to determine
on the dublin pleasanton interchange, big rig leaking fuel, cleanup crews there, very slow up and over through livermore, bart would be your best alternate to get around this from the central valley, multiple reports of problems on 880 at 23rd, high with a stall and accident serious multi-car accident three lanes blocked westbound 84 off the dumbarton at newark boulevard, southbound 680 mission accident, southbound 680 at 84 an accident tough drive all around the bay area this morning i am >>> -- this morning. >>> kira klapper live in los gatos. >> reporter: >> we can hear keira but we can see the story, the rain is coming down heavy, coming down side ways in the south bay they have lots of power outages 15,000 total around the bay area,, waking up without power are more than 4800 customers don't have electricity in san mateo county, nearly 4,000 in marin county. in santa clara county, 2500 customers tone have power, more than 1800 in napa county, there's the -- big ones massive tree fell across a busy road in mill valley this morning. >> between 2 a.m. on to miller avenue. we want to show you
toll plaza. elsewhere, let's go to our dublin cam. live look at westbound 580 approaching 680. this is a big problem all morning. all lanes remain shut down in that westbound 580 drive from hopyard all the way towards 680. some commuters are able to squeeze by using the shoulder. but let's check out our maps. look at the drive time. it can't even be calculated at this point. we know it is super heavy from the livermore valley all the way towards the dublin- pleasanton area. but again, at last check, that drive time was 30 minutes and growing. but we know it's even bigger than that now. traffic essentially at a standstill. here's a live look at the nimitz. north- and southbound 880 approaching the oakland coliseum. so far, so good. our cameras have been rocking and rolling so we know it is windy out there. downed wires, trees in the woodside area, california 84 shut down both directions between grandview and highway 35. moderate traffic across the golden gate bridge. once again, wind advisories in effect. use mass transit. bart's been running like clockwork this morning. all tr
and pleasanton and dublin are about to get wet. blue and light green and heavier rain is out over the ocean but heading our way and most of our neighborhoods by about 7:00. in fact, we have rain becoming showers and heavier showers around the bay by 7:00. temperatures will be hang out to low 60s today. light rain and heavier rain as we head towards 7:00 and heavy rain rain at the coast and lighter around noon and 4:00 and heavier again around 7:00. >> kristen: thanks so much. the rain is certain lay big concern in daly city. amy hollyfield joins us live from the neighborhood to find a wall of mud. they have done a lot of prep work. >> they 6. there is a light rain falling right now. they know it is coming this weekend. they want people to be vigilant and if they see any trouble to give them a call right away. city officials have spent the last couple of days preparing the park and hillside for this storm. park is now surrounded by hay bales and netting also borders the problem area. they have uncovered the storm drain in the middle of the park. >> what we're trying to do is let the water th
. this will be especially on sunday. >> we will start with an update from the dublin interchange. we have mike pelton who is covering this. westbound 580 was completely shut down for two hours. the chp estimate is 6:00 a.m. and there were able to get the lines open. >> this is solid red on the roadway and will soon man so that you can see this piece from some of the drivers. there is 3 mi. per hour drive for the west of cars. you this see that it is quite jammed up here. the back of reach all the way into the alta mount pass way. adjutancy 84 leading down to the pigeon pass way it was backed up and many people bailed out in this direction. all lanes are open here but a another problem developed. it is here at the bay bridge westbound. if you're looking at the upper deck and what to do not see is the lights that are along the suspension span. the lights are out on the bridge and the toll sergeant stated that all of their lights are out. >> i understand that fasttrack is still working. i spoke with caltran and asks them what would happen if the metering lights are not activated. the metering lights are not
now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we can barely see the dublin interchange roads. westbound 580 in the commute direction, you can see some headlights. overall 15 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin- pleasanton area. this is a live look at the nimitz past the coliseum. 15 minutes between 238 and the maze. and traveling down towards milpitas, it looks okay now for silicon valley commuters. flooding around hospital curve approaching paul avenue. chp may have just cleared it. we may be seeing improvement in the southbound lanes. we were watching fender-benders earlier northbound 280 heading into san francisco. one approaching mariposa, another one approaching cesar chavez. if there is any activity it's off to the right-hand shoulder. mass transit a great option on wet days like this. so far everything is off to a great start for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> wet weather may have played a role in an accident that injured two santa rosa young trick or treaters around 7:30 last night at north dutton avenue and west 8th stree
of our biggest hot spots now continues to be the area around the dublin interchange. you can actually see on our camera those flashing lights. that's all lanes blocked on westbound 580 approaching 680 near the dublin interchange. some traffic is able to squeeze by on the right-hand shoulder but we have seen backups since early this morning after this big rig accident happened. let's go to our maps for the drive time across the stretch more than 20 minutes. 23 minutes between the altamont pass and 680 but again that real bottleneck is through the dublin-pleasanton area. more reports of downtown wires downed trees in fact all lanes are blocked in both directions of 84 in woodside between grandview and 35. we have wind advisories on about every bridge in the bay area including across the golden gate bridge. you can see conditions are slick. and yeah we just got lots of reports of different spinouts, ponding in lanes and windy conditions, as well. you can see it a little earlier in our 880 camera. usually when the winds pick this up camera rocks back and forth. you can see it there. north- an
there to the dublin pleasanton interchange, 32 minutes out of tracy add another 15 minutes on to that drive. a stall out of lanes southbound 880 at tennison in the fremont area. >>> 6:10. costco says more customers shopped at its stores in october. the chain says sales jumped 7% last month, part of the reason, more people flocked to costco hoping to save a few cents on gasoline. costco plans on opening 10 new stores across the country by the end of the year. >>> cell phone reception still spotty across the east coast due to superstorm sandy. two carriers are teaming up to improve service in new york people without power crowded around the power strip to charge their phones. now, at&t and t-mobile will share networks customers will be able to connect with which ever has the strongest signal. >>> november 1st, do you know what this means? >> what? >> it means illegal woodburning is getting more expensive starting today. we'll tell you about that. >>> [ inaudible ] >>> we were -- you guys never gave up, never. i want to salute you guys. i want to salute to you guys because you guys >>> welcome back. 6:
in from the dublin along 580 howard conditions? >> about 45 minutes ago when i was alongside the 580 it was still relatively backed up. traffic was moving slowly as a result from the earlier accident. the raid did that make easing easier this morning. >> this scene could be from anywhere around the bay right now. the rain is coming down pretty good. the wind and cloud cover is making things pretty difficult. >> our problems in the area with pg&e giving us their newest numbers. 9700 customers without power right now. it is down from over 11,000 about two hours ago. we still have about for the people scattered across the north bay with no power. in the south bay a hundred and 50 people are without power 200 in san jose. flight delays issues where experience, cancellations for arriving and departing flights this morning. the dea go with sfo is joining us. >> off right now we're looking at about 50 cancellations split between departures and arrivals. airlines and consolidating their schedules where they can in an effort to reduce potential delays. our best advice today is to check with y
to the dublin exchange. . >> we're tracking rein in the bay area and satellite and radar shows us a wider view. we have been tracking the cold fronts and it looks like the heavy is whether the failed in the overnight hours. storm trackers for is stating that is not as organized as before. as we start to zoom in we are seeing a light rain run around walnut creek. there is no longer any rain over the toll plaza. because the rain continues to push his way east we are still seeing a light rain over the livermore valley area. it is raining just west of the city--you will still need to use your web and shield wipers and drive with extra caution. >> it looks like our jackie has found some rain. >> is this kind of a heavy mist. you can sit all so that the lights are shining awful the wet road way. it is that much difference same one last time we started to see rain come down about 7:30 p.m.. it really drenched the children last night. it seems like we got ramose of the night and dried out a little bit about 3:00 a.m.. >> to new this morning stockton police have made an arrest due to a homicide. the bo
to leave havana for dublin, where some of the most famous writers i keep admiring were born, and also dreaming of paris where my grandparents, my grandfather, spend many important years of his life. also i want to move to my place, i don't know what was the name of that place. every time people call me la englicita, the little english woman because in cuba, in the caribbean, they didn't make any difference. all the irish were english. and all the people from asia were chinese. all the jews were called polacos, polish. that is interesting because the irish were part of the spanish community in cuba, but usually they didn't make the difference. so they call me and they call my father el inglis, the english guy. so when they call me that and when my name suffered many different spellings. later on in life, in the 70's, i had many identification cards with names like coffee that i didn't drink at the time, so i began drinking coffee later on, names like caufildo and garfield, my favorite one, that made me wonder if the bureaucrats at the id office knew that i really love cats. without my
cesar ---una familia de dublin pide la ayuda del publico para encontrar a un hombre que desaparecio el pasado 5 de noviembre ---henrique pinilla, de 33 aÑos de edad, fue visto por ultima vez en san leandro ---si usted tiene informacion sobre su paradero, contacte a la policia de dublin cesar ---durante el mes de octubre, la policia de san mateo reporto un incremento en el numero de robos a casas en la region... take vo ---tan solo en el area entre coyote point y la carretera 92 hacia el este de la autopista 101 se registraron 12 robos residenciales... ---normalmente los ladrones tocan a la puerta del hogar haciendose pasara por vendedores o empleados de compaÑias de servicios, pero cuando ven que no hay nadie en la casa, buscan puertas o ventanas abiertas para poder ingresar y robar objetos de valor... take sot martin hernandez/resid ente in: 00;07;34;17 --- out: 00;07;44;18 senor dice: "porque puede pasar algo a uno aqui de que puedan asaltar a uno... de lo material no importa pero pero que le pueda pasar algo a una familia o algo." sot 2: joaquin hernandez/ in: 00;08;45;13 --- out:
. other locations, san ramon down to 38. dublin 39 and san jose 44 degrees. we have a case of canadian air conditioning tonight. dry air, clear skies. low 30s and a patchy frost advisory. in the east bay valley. perform patchy frost through 8:00 in the morning and if you haven't done so, bring in the pets from outside and protect the temperature sensitive plants and pipes as we will see temperatures in the low 30s. we will talk about the chances of rain coming back to the seven-day forecast in a few minutes from now. >> all right. thank you, rob. >>> nbc bay area's monty francis is in livermor. one of the colder spots and a new outlet mall opened a couple of days ago and there are people still shopping out there tonight. >> the cold weather is not keeping people from shopping. there are still people here at this late hour. the outlet mall closes at midnight. so an hour or so left to get in on all of those bargains. >> staying warm with a cup of coffee and being bundled up was the name of the game in liver more. even though it is cold outside with the roads jammed and the lots full, they sa
] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin >>> we are following breaking news out of dublin. a gas leak forced a target store to evacuate. just before 10:00 this morning, a construction crew with a backhoe hit a gas line that forced the evacuation. this happened on dublin boulevard. the target store had to be evacuated. there are no reports so far of any injuries. the gas, we're happy to report, appears to be dissipating. >>> we are learning more about what sparked the fbi investigation that led general david petraeus to resign his post as cia director as top lawmakers question the timing of this. officials say petraeus was never under investigation. it began with a close friend of the petraeus family identified overnight as jill kelly. officials say kelly was receiving threatening e-mails from paula broadwell. petraeus' mistress. it was during the investigation that fbi agents discovered the extramarital affair. on capitol hill, lawmakers want to know if the investigation wrapped without criminal charges before the election and why president obama wasn't told until after. >
the altamont pass speeds pick up and it is still about a 15 minute drive into the dublin pleasanton interchange. westbound 4 big rig caught on fire off to the shoulder waiting for a tow truck. you can see by the yellow sensors, traffic is slow out of the antioch westbound. first reports of a stall coming into san francisco north 101 vermont, a taxi stalled in the right lane. >>> 5:21. >>> next iphone regains dominance on the marketplace as it prepares to unveil new additions this week. >>> grand finale for "dancing with the stars." we'll tell you who took home the trophy last night. >>> today on katie -- [ inaudible ] >>> good morning. both sides of the bay the bay bridge and east bay just starring to get wet with sprinkles and rain moving into the south bay a little. >>> where is the rain now? >> heaviest rain in the north bay this is a loop we are going to stop it, yellows here from sea ranch to fort ross through bodega bay also right here are the winds gusting in excess of 30 miles an hour. wet weather, the heaviest offshore and the lighter rain from highway 101, san rafael, cortamadera into
by dublin council member, eric stalwell. it could mean a lot of things around the east bay and the country. stalwell is the district attorney for the east bay. this has been a different race because this district changed significa significantly. stark's district changed significantly and changed who was out to vote. >> reporter: you with hear everybody cheering right now. there's about 150 supporters out here. and they're very encouraged by the recent numbers that show that stalwell is ahead. the 31-year-old is a dublin city councilman and a prosecutor with the district attorney's office. and he would unseat incumbent pete stark. >> i think the votes reflect the effort behind us here. and so many people have invested in our campaign with their hard work and just being out there and bringing their friends in, their neighbors and their families. it's so encouraging to us. >> i voted for pete stark. and the reason i voted for him, i think he's the leader of the people. he supports policy and legislation that benefits us. it benefits the nation. >> reporter: pete stark is 80 years old and has
mountaintops, drier weather on the weekend. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> on the dublin interchange, westbound 580 traffic, looks clear across this stretch. and yeah, the drive time is 15 minutes right now from the altamont pass out towards the dublin interchange. we'll show you where it's starting to get slow and where we still have some areas of overnight roadwork. in fact, we have a full freeway closure eastbound lanes of highway 4 approaching loveridge. so again this is that ongoing roadwork they have been doing in the area westbound highway 4 still delay-free but again give it another half hour or so and we'll likely start to see some backups. then looks good all the way towards pittsburg-bay point and concord area. once again more roadwork coming into san francisco. it's on that connector ramp from northbound 280 to southbound 101. so that ramp should be closed until about 5:00. so hopefully they will reopen that any minute. in the meantime, it's been causing delays overnight for some commuters heading up 280. elsewhere here's a live look outside. a little dark, a little hard
at the dublin interchange blocks the right hand lane and it has backed up the ride here from dublin raleigh back to first and livermore. as slow westbound 580 ride. >> daly city we've been following developments there. a water tank broke earlier this week sending a river of mud through the neighborhood. officials have been trying to get a hand on that before this weekend's rains come in. will tran is on the scene. >> they put measures up to prevent erosion from taken place. we will have to wait and see it as to whether not that will be enough. there is hay on the ground to prevent the mudslides from going on to the street. i could not even walk through there a couple of days ago without stumbling. it was so sick at your feet got stuck. they ask evaded most of the mud out and cleared out the storm drains. they put absorbing material including that's out there just in case any rocks or anything comes down. we got a chance to talk to, i just happen the swap by here and see this man. what can you evaluate as the scene? >> i been a resident here for about 10 years and obviously i have friends that li
into the dublin pleasanton interchange. all mass transit, grey way to go everybody is on schedule. >>> -- 5:10. one of the nation's most decorated generals comes to the defense of david petraeus. next, why he says the other woman is to blame. >>> legacy "star wars" director george lucascus >>> good morning, 5:13. live look from mount sutro towards san francisco, you may run into an isolated shower this morning. the heavier rain will come this afternoon. meteorologist lisa argen is watching live doppler. >>> man in custody near sacramento charged with the murder of an animal control officer in the town halfway between stockton and sacramento the unarmed officer went to the home of a man evicted yesterday who said he had no place to keep his animals. as the officer approached a shotgun blast tore through the door. the gunman is believed to be the evicted man. the house was supposed to have been empty. >>> general petraeus has admitted to a close friend that he screwed up royally in his affair with paula broadwell. he confided in an old army friend retired general shelton, according to him, pe
to the dublin interchange. there is still trying to clear the house in the off ramp. rain and a number of incidents and the westbound direction , with a multicar crash that did not clear very quickly. it has left us with this horrendous westbound back up. they flee that is the only hot spot this morning. >> here is a wider view of the storm system we are tracking. it is making his way to the south. impact a lot of church leaders last night but we are no longer seen plo. it is still raining in the south bay and east bay as well. we've seen some improvement for san carlos in redwood city the rain is back in palo outsell. future cast for shows even into the 8:00 hour we are still dealing with stray showers. it will start to dry up and it looks like into the 11:00 hour we will see some showers on the back end. the afternoon is expected to be a dry one with a look at your afternoon highs coming up in just a bit. >> jackie sissel is over at the richmond center filled bridge this morning. >> about a half hour ago we had a nice drizzle rolled through here. the roadways are still wet and the el
time when the lance will reopen. dublin and pleasanton the 58680 interchange westbound direction is currently blocked because there is an off ramp lange the was created around that section. some cars are squeezing by. this is an overturned tractor trailer. you would imagine how long that would take to clear. yellow on your screen 10 minutes ago i saw red on your screen north bounds 680 approaching that scene. later on today we will see backups westbound 580 is already a tough commute. would not be surprised to see back up or delays in to tracy. we have a wind advisory at the car came this bridge drive with extra caution. no accidents at the bay bridge toll plaza not too many cars on the span pr. >> south bound 101 the golden gate bridge looks good. on the road with sensors i did see some red approaching the richmond san rafael bridge. i did not see any accidents, but again allow yourself extra . >> that weather causing power outages this morning erica. here are the numbers you receive from pg&e. thousands across the county would love this morning in the dark. in saratoga 2000 peo
into the dublin pleasanton area 25 minute ride. >>> the country is waking to another four years with president obama as commander in chief. next we go live to chicago for more of last night's victory speech from the president. and what mitt romney says he will be praying about. >>> first, a look at some of the results from south bacon tests: >> president obama secure add easy electoral college victory with decisive wins in swing states like virginia, ohio and colorado. nationally, the popular vote is much closer. here's the overall national vote. president obama does have more, 50%, mitt romney 48% of the vote. t.j. winick joins us from chicago. >> reporter: good morning. in the end it was a series of narrow state win fast gave the president a decisive victory. president obama won a second term tuesday, after a race that was primarily fought in a handful of battleground states. >> the president: you, the american people, reminded us that while our road has been hard, while our journey has been long. we have picked ourselves up, we have fought our way back. and we know in our hearts, that for t
the altamont pass less than 15 minutes into the dublin pleasanton interchange. all mass transit at this hour everybody is up and out and on schedule. >>> 5:10. >> are you trying to stretch your holiday budget? you may have all the cash you need hiding in your jewelry case. >> next, michael finney shows you how to turn unused >>> a look from our roof cam to the embarcadero center, ferry building, bay bridge clear, not much to talk about rain-wise yet. this time tomorrow that should look wet in fact we have a lot of rain coming in friday, saturday, sunday i'll map out your weekend forecast in a minute. >>> 5:13. this morning police in san rafael are searching for an armed man who chose the wrong house to break into. it happened late tuesday night at an apartment in the 200 block of playa delray. two teenaged girls who live there fought the prowler off with a knife while calling 911. the man ran off he received substantial facial injuries and possible stab wounds to the upper body. hospitals are being warned in case he shows up, described as his pan knicks, 19 to 20, 5 -- hispanic, 19 two 20, -
into the dublin pleasanton area crowded, still at the limit less than 15 minutes. all mass transit great way to go, no delays with bart, muni, caltrain or any other mass transit. good drive for your monday morning, wherever you may be headed. >> 5:09. >>> next a small plane headed from the bay area to southern california crashes near a college campus. how good samaritans sprung into action to rescue the two onboard. >>> recovering from superstorm sandy the important train link running again one month after the hurricane. >> here's america's money report. >> >> good morning. nearly 2/3 of us went shopping over the weekend either in person or online, spending more than $400 a piece. president obama was among those observing small business saturday, visiting a bookstore in northern virginia many other shoppers chose the more relaxed independent stores if you buy all the gifts of 12 days of christmas song it will cost more than $107,000 this year, 6% more than last year. partridge and pear tree, just $15. twilight saga picking up another 64 million dollars during the long >>> a plane on its way from n
northbound some of your drive times this morning altamont pass into dublin pleasanton, highway 4 westbound and 880 southbound past the airport and on to 238. >>> 6:40. >>> mitt romney makes it to the white house today. the meeting takes place between president obama and his former republican challenger. >>> trading underway on wall street now. here's a live look at the big board, the dow is up 48 points. investors closely monitoring lawmakers as they try to avert that fiscal cliff. you can see the dow up possibly optimism with secretary geithner meeting with senate leaders today. we give live to the new york stock ex >>> good thursday morning i'm meteorologist lisa argen. starting out with live doppler, wet roads in the north bay from cloverdale to clear lake it is very light rain but the showers are around from fremont into the south bay we are looking at very light returns this will be the case throughout much of the day today as we wait in anticipation for this next stronger storm system to head our way it to bring more rain, gusty winds and it will last through the overnight hours into
there and the dublin interchange. bart on time after a record ridership day yesterday. everything is back to normal schedule this morning including for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. so your drive times, south bay drive times still in the clear on 101,280 and the guadalupe parkway. coming up we'll get another check of the bay bridge. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> two kids hit by a car while out trick or treating with their parents last night and bad weather may have been a factor in the accident on north dutton avenue on west 8th street in santa rosa about 7:30 last night. candy was all over the intersection. police tell us that ten-year- old boy and 4-year-old girl were in the crosswalk with their parents. the parents saw the car coming in the rain. they tried to get kids out of the way but apparently obviously too late. the kids are in the hospital with nonlife-threatening life- threatening injuries. the driver by the way stopped and is cooperating with the police. >>> two men under arrest for the shootings of four people at the university of southern california. ca
the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. 880 in oakland, headlights southbound. looks great down towards hayward, all the way down towards the san mateo bridge. no delay. otherwise in the south bay once again our live drive time sensors still picking up traffic moving at the limit not seeing any major overnight roadwork and your drive times are still in the green in the clear meaning top speeds. that's traffic. back to you guy [ applause and cheers ] >>> i am not ready to give up on the fight and i hope you aren't either, new hampshire. i hope you aren't, either. >> i need iowa! i need iowa so we can win the white house and take back america! >> well, it's almost over. president obama and mitt romney are making one final push as this is the final day of campaigning before the big election tomorrow. here's susan mcginnis with a look at where the campaign trail leads on this election eve. she joins us live from washington, d.c. i imagine you're ready to have it finished. >> reporter: don't we wish it could all go on forever? the ads and the rallies? alas, this is the last chance they will
in livermore approaching vasco road. slow and go from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. the nimitz and westbound 24 through the caldecott tunnel so far look good. that is "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> one of the most contentious statewide issues in california is prop 30. governor brown's plan for temporaryta, hikes to reduce the state deficit -- temporary tax hikes to reduce the state's deficit. elissa harrington reports from the newsroom. >> reporter: this is one we'll follow closely because the fate of prop 30 is up in the air this morning. an "l.a. times" poll shows support at 46%. but it needs majority to pass. governor brown has spent the last few days making a final push traveling up and down the state holding rallies, visiting phone banks and reaching out through social media to try and get more votes. here he is in san francisco yesterday. >> keep the california dream alive. yes on 30. thanks! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: proposition 30 calls for a 7-year hike on income taxes for those who earn more than a quarter million dollars per year.
menos esperaban. ---beatriz ferrari nos informa... ---la poliÍa de "dublin" pide la ayuda del Úblico para localizar a un hombre discapacitado que desaparecÓ el lunes pasado.---a "enrique pinillas", de 33 aÑos, lo vieron porÚltima vez saliendo de su trabajo en la tienda 'walmart" de san leandro ---"pinillas" conduÍa un auto "saturn" 2000, de color dorado y con placas de california 4lkb498.---la familia aseguÓ que la desaparicÓn de "enrique" es extraÑa, pues no pasa un Ía sin que se comunique con ellos... constanza pinillas / Ía ---con la ayuda de amigos y de la comunidad, la familia pinillas coloÓ posters, entreÓ folletos y cre una Ágina de internet para recibir informacÓn que conduzca al paradero de "enrique". ---hacÉndose pasar por vendedores y aseguÁndose de que no haya nadie adentro de las casas, un grupo de maleantes aprovechó para robar 12 residencias de san mateo el mes pasado.---los amantes de los ajeno se llevaron joyas y arÍculos electÓnicos de las viviendas de sus Íctimas. ---las autoridades recomiendan a los residentes asegurar puertas y ventanas, aÍ co
, 45 degrees and the 30's in campbell, a dublin. and american canyon and fairfield at 36 degrees. for tonight, clear skies and chilly temperatures it is even going to get colder. towards the morning. some rice. we could see patchy frost. towards-sunrise. -and notice, some cooler temperatures of even nearly the same to the with 50s/60s but it is going to be a nice day. tomorrow, 6:00 a.m. on futurecast with 40's by the bay. plenty of 30's on the east bay valleys. even the 20's and the coldest spots. through the oral early afternoon look for some of the 60s in some areas the satellite. we did have some soci snow showers in the sierras. with nearly two- feet in some areas. there is another weather system approaching the pacific northwest. we will see high clouds from this tomorrow but most of this rainfall will be staying to the north. we could see some showers near santa rosa but otherwise sunny. for the next several days and temperatures. the coolest will be in the north bay, below freezing for santa rosa and plenty of 30's, pleasanton, concord. and the mildest will be in san fran
in this direction from the altamont pass out toward the dublin interchange. bart trains are on time. back to you. >>> 4:37. now oakland homeowners concerned about foreclosure can get questions answered today. the city's free housing and foreclosure clinic is set to begin at 10:00 this morning through 5:00 this afternoon at the oakland marriott convention center. representatives from every banks will be there to offer adviceover loan modifications and other options. >>> in a strike against israelis, negotiations have started up once again. >> people are hoping for a resolution soon. >> reporter: good morning. we are outside the knob hill foods in redwood shores, one of more than 100 stores affected by this strike. both sides are back at the table but no agreement just yet. they are trying to nail down a deal before the holiday shopping season. representatives and union employees have been on strike since last sunday because of wages and benefits. some say the union stores have a hard time keeping up with their nonunion competitors. they are calling for a wage freeze and the elimination of sunday
and go already from 205 from tracy towards the dublin interchange. 24 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. a lot of heavy traffic through antioch, 10 miles an hour past a street. back to you. >> thank you. >>> the u.s. consulate in libya will be the focus of hearings on capitol hill starting today. general david petraeus is set to testify tomorrow even though he resigned from the cia amid the investigation into his extramarital affair. meanwhile, the benghazi attack may affect a potential nominee to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. some republicans say susan rice was either lying or incompetent when five days after attack she said there was no information to conclude it was premeditated. >> we will do whatever is necessary to block the nomination. >> president obama defends the u.n. ambassador to the u.n. he says he has determined whether he will nominate her for secretary of state. >>> the woman at the center of the petraeus scandal has had her security removed. she had high clearance. cbs news has learned the identity of the fbi agent who first brought the case to
difficult to see traffic this morning. check out one of our live cameras. this is the dublin interchange. you can make out those headlights moving westbound and it looks okay in the westbound direction but we have a hotspot developing in the eastbound lanes. to the maps a traffic alert issued because of a jackknifed big rig. weather doesn't help matters. traffic alert eastbound 580 approaching vasco road it sounds like at least three lanes are blocked possibly 4. so we are starting to see backups actually in both directions. right now the drive out of the altamont pass if you are heading westbound 16 minutes but again expect a good sized delay especially going eastbound. elsewhere southbound 880 approaching 980 they just cleared one spinout across the bay area one of many out of lanes so you can see how slick it is past the coliseum. we are getting more flooding reports by the way 101 near whipple also along the embarcadero coming into san francisco. the right lane is blocked off by cones. crews are working to clear up a bunch of water, standing water, in that lane. elsewhere, here's a l
for doctors to determine what to do. >> question time in dublin parliament was dominated by the guest curator modern ireland has been reluctant to legislate, but be aturn now to turning point in-house irish history. >> after months of speculation, we are about to find out who will takeover china costs -- china's leadership. there are growing calls for change. >> as they stepped aside today, now costs are going communist leaders congratulated themselves -- china's communist leaders congratulated themselves. this is often called sign of's century. -- china's century. many are not so confident. handpicked iron and now party leaders and un stamp, it will be unveiled tomorrow, but the question, can it continue to keep china's people excluded from power. there is no sign the party is willing to engage with those who want real change like nine of's nobel peace prize winner. good he remains in this jail, serving 11 years for calling for western-style separation of power. >> people want democracy and freedom. in the constitution, it says people have the right to freedom of speech, freedom of publicati
drive time 14, 15 minutes through the altamont pass and heading towards the dublin interchange. more slick surfaces. this is out in the east bay, the nimitz, 880 in oakland. so you can see the headlights southbound toward oakland airport. one of our flooding reports southbound 101 right there by that 237 interchange may be blocking lanes. >>> santa rosa police are trying to determine if rain was a factor in an accident that injured two young trick or treaters about 7:30 last night at north dutton avenue and west 8th street. police say a 10-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl were in a crosswalk slightly ahead of their parents when they were struck by a northbound car. the driver did cooperate with police who say the kids' injuries don't appear to be life-threatening. >>> four people wounded after a shooting outside a halloween party on the university of southern california campus. usc police say two people were detained shortly after the shooting, which happened just last night just before midnight. the four people injured were rushed to l.a. hospitals. no word on their conditions this
reach dublin. we still have a cloudy morning. 56 to 39 degrees with 38 in it how. we are reporting about an inch and a half. clearing tonight and we will have that fog forming tomorrow not enough of a breeze to scour things out. it is sliding south very slowly. go to the north bay, it hardly shows anythingest and watch how it wipes it out and it shows clearing, from will be some clouds around and it will not be 60s near 70s in san jose and our system is stalling along and when you see them topple over it weakens it. it has a good punch in the north bay. mostly cloudy, we will take any rain we can get. mild temperatures and afternoon highs as well. we'll see 60s to near 70 degrees. 64 to 68, and fog will be with us, that is inland fog and we set our clocks back and it will be warmer sunday and monday. >>> they are changing the way they prosecute several immigrants, immigrants may avoid being deported. >>> and shooting near a major tourist attraction and on the unc campus. >>> also we want to take you live to report, it will be a long road until they recover from the hurricane. >>> good mo
this is a live look approaching the dublin interchange. and westbound 580 traffic is still moving fine. right now it's 15 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. so this is actually right there closer towards 680 and pleasanton. let's go to our maps. this is the area of overnight roadwork we're talking about eastbound 580 from north flynn towards greenville. three of four lanes are blocked until 11 a.m. against the commute. it's already slow. the nimitz in the east bay is close to the coliseum and northbound 880 traffic 15 minutes is that drive time between 238 and the maze. southbound 880 is fine if you have to catch a flight at oakland airport and continues to move well towards 92 in hayward. south bay, these are all of our live drive time sensors. you can pretty much traffic is moving at the limit with a little slowdown on 101 coming through san jose. but overall your drive times for the south bay look good. still all in the green and clear on 101, 280 coming through downtown and up the guadalupe parkway. by the way, nothing to note for mass transit. all mass transit is o
out of the central valley towards the altamont pass speeds pick up to the dublin mess tan -- tarbs pleasanton area. bart recovered, all systems on time. if you are headed out here's your drive times, altamont pass to dublin pleasanton, 24 stall or solo spin-out central lafayette westbound these your east shore commute. >>> one san francisco neighborhood waking up to no power because of the storm lightning knocked out five pg&e transformers in nowee valley overnight. crews working hard to get everybody back on 100 customers were affected in the area of 24th street and hoffman avenue. crews are working to replace those blown transformers. residents say they heard a loud explosion when lightning hit 1:00. crews have been able to replace one transformer and restore service to some it may take several more hours to get everybody else back online. >>> aggressive snow-making operation helped mammoth open yesterday visitors were greeted with snow flurries mixed with nature made stuff. further north in the tahoe area it is cold and new snow is falling again months have been fired up, severa
. this is a live look near the dublin interchange. headlights here are westbound 580, right now only 14 minutes from the altamont pass toward the dublin interchange. not many brake lights this morning. this is 101 near mckee, headlights moving northbound. it's a smooth ride in both directions. we were following a car fire for a while blocking one right lane of southbound 280 but there could be activity off to the shoulder. it won't be much to slow you down. this is a live look at the golden great bridge where things are looking nice. no delays with trouble transit. hoping for nice condition this is holiday. >>> should be nice around the bay area. headed out right now, it's chilly with temperatures in the 30s and 40s this morning. crank up the heater if you're headed out. by the afternoon we'll see a mix of clouds and sunshine, temperatures on the cool side today. we have a weak system sliding over the top of the plat ridge in place, strengthening before tomorrow but today it will keep temperatures down. if you're traveling around the state, you could run into showers if you're headed up towards
rain on the way. >> so far, so good across the golden gate. getting busy across the dublin- pleasanton area. this is a live look near 580 and 680. coming up much more "timesaver traffic." >>> 4:55 now. the nfl players union reportedly wants independent concussion specialists to be on the sidelines of every nfl game. it comes after four more players suffered concussions this past sunday including 49er quarterback alex smith. he left the game against st. louis shortly after experiencing blurred vision. smith must be medically cleared to be play monday. he said to be seeking a second opinion on his condition. >>> more than 150 pg&e employees who went to work in new york after super storm sandy are set to return to sacramento this afternoon. they helped to restore power to more than 23,000 con ed customers in queens, brooklyn and manhattan over the last two weeks. another group of pg&e employees sent to new york is set to return home on friday. >>> a young kansas city girl is teaching about giving. she is only 4. catherine shell was worried about all the kids impacted by superstorm sandy.
. no major hot spots. but things are starting to pick up a little bit. here's a live look at the dublin interchange. westbound 580 headlights. right now about a 15-minute drive time from altamont pass to the dublin interchange. eastbound looks good, as well. to some of our bridges this morning the san mateo bridge, this is westbound 92. they just picked up some roadwork. in a connector ramp from westbound 92 to northbound 101 was shut down overnight but now everything is good to go and it looks good as well heading off of the high-rise heading out towards the east bay in hayward. let's go to the maps. other live traffic cameras. this is a look at the nimitz, 880 in oakland. this morning, more roadwork southbound 880 from embarcadero to jackson. it's not enough to impact your drive time. just a heads up if you have a flight to catch towards oakland airport. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. there's still some roadwork north of the span from the north end of the waldo tunnel all the way towards sir francis drake. but across the bay area every bridge itself, as you can see, it is st
through san francisco. over to the east bay, hayward and union city and through dublin and livermore a little bit of wet weather. south bay is wet right now. lesser amounts with this system. another couple of hours and then a break. 60s today. >> terry: developing news out of san jose where a police officer is recovering after being wounded in a shooting with robbery suspects. live from san jose with more on the officer and new development with regard to the suspect. >> reporter: that is right. good morning. newest development is one of those suspects now in police custody. one remains on the loose. this following a shootout at this intersection. this is 150 yards from highway 101 a very busy intersection. let's get you to the video last night shortly following that shooting. it followed armed robberies. they spotted and tried to pull over the two men believed to be the suspects after a high-speed chase, one man jumped out and fired at police at this intersection. one of the officers were injured when several rounds hit his patrol car and shattered the windshield. >> we know a fact i
blackhawk to san ramon into dublin. here's the cell that fell just in the past few minutes, around the palo alto area. we've had some hefty rain in the santa cruz mountains. we're tracking this latest cold front. we'll tell you when the rain will end and how it effects the raider game, coming up. >>> in dairy city, it will be a long night, just days after their neighborhood was buried in mud, rain is once again a threat to a crumbling hillside. >> reporter: fortunately, right now, ann, it is not raining. it is very calm here, but folks are concerned because they've seen what can happen. this hillside behind me has to drain and stabilize before these folks will be comfortable with any amount of rain. folks in this daly city neighborhood are worried. last week's mudslide, following a reservoir spill of nearly 100,000 gallons of water left the streets with mud. since then, the city of daly has cleaned up the streets. the chief plans to spend the night here, making sure the drains remain open and ready for the water that's coming. this house that's close to the mud side, but the owner says he's
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